Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started is as easy as picking up the phone and talking to one of our experts. Your path to financial freedom is just one toll-free phone call away!
We recognize that each individual’s situation is unique. The length of time needed to complete the program varies with each individual. The average client who sticks with their plan usually takes 25-48 months, depending on the amount of debt and ability to save funds.

Debt consolidation programs combine all of your outstanding debt into one large new loan and sometimes require you to secure the loan with collateral of greater value (such as your home). You will still be required to pay the entire principal amount of your debt plus the interest on the new loan. If you fail to make payments, the lending institution can repossess your collateral. In contrast, we negotiate directly with your creditors to greatly reduce the balance of your debt, allowing you to pay a smaller sum than what you are currently paying. Typically, it takes around 36 months to complete our services, whereas consolidation can stretch out for longer depending on the size and terms of the loans.

From day one you will be working with a team of the industry’s leading experts in debt settlement. Our dedicated credit advisors will guide you through every step of the process, and make sure you make informed decisions along the way to financial freedom.

We normally recommend resolving all unsecured debt to help you get on the path to financial freedom quicker. Creditors are generally more willing to negotiate when they see that most of your accounts are delinquent due to your hardship. The decision to resolve all or some of your debt is totally up to you. We are here to help you decide what strategies are best for you. Keep in mind that we are a performance based company, our fee will be taken only at the time the first settlement payment is funded to a creditor on the negotiated account.

No, we do not make any payments to your creditors. Our goal is to resolve your debt for as low an amount as possible. You are responsible for the payments to your Special Purpose Savings Account, which will be used to satisfy negotiated offers, as well as our fees.

No. The decision to speak with your creditors is completely up to you. We contact your creditors at the appropriate time, using the appropriate negotiation method. We will continue to communicate with your creditors to finalize negotiation discussions as your funds accumulate. It typically takes 6 months or more before we negotiate and obtain your first offer which allows you to accumulate funds to settle your first debt.

This is a savings based program, so if you are unable to accumulate funds then we will not be able to resolve your accounts. It is imperative to the success of your program that you continue to make your monthly savings commitment on time; any delay could negatively impact your plan.

We have established relationships with many of the major creditor networks which allows us the ability to submit your accounts through our partnerships. This lays the groundwork for future settlement opportunities on your accounts, many of which you will receive before you have sufficient funds ready to fund settlement offers. Creditors are willing to offer discounts based on your hardship situation and you may receive fewer collection calls should your account be placed with one of our partners.

Yes, sometimes that will be necessary. Your active involvement in the process is very important. For difficult creditors or creditors who say they will not work with debt settlement companies at all (like Chase, Discover, American Express and Macy’s), your participation may be necessary to a greater extent. There may be times when you will be asked to actively participate in, or even directly communicate with, a difficult creditor. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing so, you can direct us to negotiate such debts without your assistance or remove the debt from the program without penalty.

No, we cannot guarantee the results of any particular negotiation or that any particular creditor will negotiate with us. We cannot force a creditor to accept a settlement.